In A Better World

July 9, 2012

The mad dad confronted Anton

Imagine you’re the father of two children. One day, your young son is being accused of beating another boy at the playground, it was just child’s play and not intentional. You went to make the situation straight by apologizing yet the father of the beaten children slap your face as a revenge. You left the scene. Few days later, your elder son accuse you of being a coward and asked you to beat up the dad of the other children. You did the right thing by bringing your children to the other children’s house, demanding an apology from his dad. Yet again, he slapped you on the face twice this time. You left the scene. Your children asked you if you’re afraid of him.

That’s what happened to the protagonist of the movie, Anton. Anton responded to his children with this, “that’s all he knows how to do. He lost. He’s a moron, and not worth our time. He’s an idiot, if I beat him up, I’ll be just as big an idiot.” This is the scene that struck me most in this movie.

Violence does not solve problems, it makes us an idiot. As a result, using violence in hope to solve violence, just makes us  an even bigger idiot. However, violence does not simply emerge all in a sudden because a bunch of idiots are born. People who engage in violence are not born to be idiotic. To solve violence, we have to look into the reasons that nurtured violence in order to eliminate it altogether.

Our “civilised” minds are trained to respond to violence with an immediate condemnation, calling perpetrators of violence “barbarian”. Condemnation is often followed by punishment of the perpetrators, either with a non-violent (imprisonment) or violent means (execution, war). Very so often, we stop there, as a civilised society, we just stop there, and think that we’ve addressed and solve violence. This sort of “comfort-zone civilisation” really worries me.

In the “better world” that I envisioned, we would stop solving problems with “out of sight, out of mind” mentality and address the problems head-on.