Woody Allen’s Roma

December 17, 2013


Not one of his best works, but the thing about Allen’s romantic comedy is, not to mention it gets me into thinking about my life, I always get to feel a little cocky when I get one of his well-crated jokes, or, when I understand the a conversation full of name-dropping (sorry for being so self-absorbed here). Getting lazy in writing an organised review….. What I see in the story:


The one-and-only Mr. Allen: Unlike his previous works in which he always plays the cynical, liberal intellect who has a fetish for name-dropping and a pessimistic view of the human race, this time he plays this self-absorbed, centre-right opera director who has an addiction to prove himself right.


The ordinary-turned-famous Leopoldo (played by the always wonderful Roberto Benigni): In contrast to opera director’s pursuit for fame and glory, Leopoldo quickly got tired of the attention from the paparazzi. Through our laughs on silly paparazzi questions directed towards Leopoldo, we reflect on the media’s constant yet pointless scrutiny on celebrities. Leopoldo story also tells us that some people aren’t incapable to be extraordinary, they choose to be ordinary.


Jack, Monica and John (Jesse Eisenberg, Ellen Page and Alec Baldwin): Classic from Allen’s playbook – boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy couldn’t be in love with the girl for whatever reason, boy dates the girl anyway, girl leaves boy heartbroken. We know the ending of the story from the get go. But this time, with shadowy Baldwin constantly jumping in for a second opinion, this romantic tragedy is given a fatalistic touch. One sad realisation form this story: in where I am from, if one drops names like the Ellen Page’s characters does, one isn’t a pseudo intellect, one’s a nerd.


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